A multitude of homes and businesses experience the benefits of ActivePure® Technology every day and have come to depend on our honesty and service. Our satisfied customers rely on the protection provided by Beyond by Aerus and ActivePure® Technology to safeguard their environments from harmful airborne and surface contaminants.

  • Schools
  • Athletic facilities
  • Liberty Bell
  • Ground Zero Museum
  • Homes
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Hotels
  • Businesses

* Based on earlier ActivePure® Technology. Does not apply to current Beyond by Aerus products.

The ActivePure® Technology air purifier seems like a very good product. I can definitely notice the difference in air quality in my house and then later in my bedroom when I put the unit in there. I definitely got a good night's rest from it. And it's extremely quiet and it didn't keep me up while I was trying to sleep. I also like that it actively rids surfaces of viruses and bacteria. The settings on unit gave me the ability to change them to my needs. It's a small and compact. Very good product.

Damian Smith

We purchased the ActivePure® Technology to improve the quality of air in our home. We have not been disappointed! Within 24 hours of turning it on we noticed we were breathing easier and normal home cooking odors were eliminated. Guests to our home have noticed the improved air quality and comment how much easier it is to breathe. Dust accumulation is way down from what it was. We are extremely satisfied with the ActivePure® Technology.

Rick Black

What in the world are you breathing?

What in the world are you breathing?

Breathing shouldn't be dangerous.

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