Is the Air in Your Home Making You Sick?

Say Goodbye to Harmful Toxins


It's easy to take fresh clean air for granted. If you find that you experience trouble breathing in your home or business, the problem may be contaminated air. Healthy Air Now offers revolutionary products using ActivePure® Technology.

This technology has been awarded the prestigious Certified Space Technology seal by the Space Foundation, and for good reason. When you get an air purifier from us, you're helping reduce bacteria and also reducing viruses and other pathogens in the air.

Do You Trust Your Indoor Air?

If your indoor air quality is compromised, it's important to look into an air purifier system. Healthy Air Now can help you choose an air purifier to reduce the amount of viruses and bacteria in your home or business in the Biloxi and surrounding MS Gulf Coast area.

Our Air Purifiers filter the air, and also sanitize and protect the air you breathe 24/7. The ActivePure® Technology is not passive like most air purifiers. It actively seeks out & reduces harmful contaminants in the air and on surfaces. It even gets in cracks & crevasses where you can't reach.

Get The Facts on Indoor Air Quality

Your air could be filled with contaminants without you even realizing it. In fact:

  • Energy-efficient homes trap pollutants inside
  • People spend 90% of their time indoors on average
  • Indoor air is sometimes up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air

Our top-quality air purifier models can eliminate harmful pathogens from your air. Speak with our team now to learn more about our innovative systems.

The First Air Purifier Scientifically Proven to Reduce COVID-19 on Surfaces


  • ActivePure® Technology was tested on live SARS-CoV-2 virus, not proxy or surrogate strains like many competing technologies use
  • Proven reduction rate of over 99.9% of airborne SARS-COV-2 within 1 minute
  • Tests completed in partnership with a Biosafety Level 4 and Biosafety Level 3 combination lab team, following strict protocols

Test the Air Quality in your Home or Business

With the amount of time you spend in your home, you need the air to be as clean as possible. If you're having problems with your air quality, Healthy Air Now will do everything we can to help.

Consider installing an air purifier system if you...

  • Own pets
  • Smoke or live with someone who smokes
  • Live in a newly constructed home

Healthy Air Now will test your air quality in your home or business for FREE and send you a customized solution to fit your needs. Contact us today to get an air purifier for your home.

Beyond Guardian Air

Beyond Guardian Air

The Energy Star certified Beyond Guardian Air provides better-than-HEPA filtration and proprietary ActivePure® Technology which is based on technology originally developed by researchers for use on the International Space Station. It is recognized exclusively, worldwide, as Certified Space Technology.

For those who want the ultimate protection.

Air Purifiers that can reduce dust, pollen and smoke, helping you breathe easier
ActivePure® Technology Sanitizers that break down smoke & odors, reduce chemicals and VOCs, reduce bacteria, viruses and mold

What To Expect

  • Feel Better
  • Fewer Sleepless Nights
  • Peace of mind 24 hours
  • Healthier, Cleaner Air
  • Helps reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Odor control around your home
  • Scientific Proof - Results based on Lab Testing

Let Us Customize a Solution for YOU

What in the world are you breathing?

What in the world are you breathing?

Breathing shouldn't be dangerous.

Contact us for a FREE air quality test. Please fill out the form, and a Healthy Air Now representative will be in touch.